We are All Coaches, Doctors, & Women- OH MY!


The Physician Coach Summit experience was one that was truly unforgettable!!

In addition to the amazing speakers and content, I had the privilege of meeting up in REAL LIFE with my own mentors, colleagues, and peers.

There were pain triggers, tears, and most of all, belly laughs and giggles that reminded us of the joy we all can create and have in our lives.

This was such a truly amazing group of people coming together and working hard to change the culture and environment in medicine.

“What got us here won’t get us there.”- just one of the take aways from Sunny Smith’s talk.

As physicians, we were trained to put our needs at the bottom of the priority list- including eating, sleeping, peeing, and even our families. It has become ingrained in us to put our needs below those of everyone else around us at our own expense.

Who is this really serving? Is this really sustainable?

Doctors are LEAVING MEDICINE, especially women. (Did you see the title of our talk?!)

It is NOT sustainable.And at this rate, who will take care of us as we grow old?

Let’s start retraining our brains and give ourselves authority to put ourselves first. Retrain your brain to give yourself permission to take care of YOUR body, YOUR soul, and YOUR MIND as your first priority.

When we do, we can improve how we contribute as we serve and create a positive impact on others
– and recreate those overwhelming feelings of pride, determination, and excitement we had when we first earned our white coats.