What are Do Goals?

Do Goals are steps you create that require action.

It’s not just having thoughts about it, but taking actual actions to achieve that goal.

Have you lost your motivation?

Did you stop believing that you could achieve your goal?

Does it just seem so large and unsurmountable?

Grab a piece of paper and time yourself- you get a max of 10 minutes- Write down all the things you want to accomplish. Allow yourself to believe that any dream is possible.

Pick the your top 3 priorities on your list and then categorize everything else on the list under one of those 3 things. If something doesn’t fit, file it away for later or delete it if it’s not relevant.

Now- look at your #1 priority.

Can you plot out the steps / action items to make that thing happen? Or make a list of everything that needs to be done to make it come to fruition?

This is the first step. You are taking massive action.

You are on your way.

In summary:

Choose one of your very top priorities that you want to start working on.

Plot out the steps in detail to get to the endpoint.

Calendar the steps (Remember Thursday Time Out?!).

It’s OK if it takes a while to complete- the point is that YOU ARE DOING IT!

You will be amazed at what you can do in a month to get closer to that goal when you honor your calendar.

Getting started seems daunting until we break it down. So break things down into achievable do goals.

Set the bar low so you will do them, you are making it happen.