What exactly are you waiting for?


Most physicians struggle with overwhelming guilt when they put their needs in front of those of others. 😔
We have been programmed this way. We have been taught that our physical and emotional needs can wait, because our purpose is to serve others.
So how’s that going for most of us?

Have we started to see that when we don’t practice self-care, we don’t show up to our full potential?

Maybe it looks something like this:
We snap at the nurse who interrupted us with an “unnecessary page” but ultimately was trying to CYA- yours that is.
We miss the opportunity to take a minute to empathize and hold a patient’s hand because the ER is filling up.
We beat ourselves up for not spending more time with our family because of the exhaustion that comes following work.
We start to forget the reason we chose this profession…

We WANT to be at our best… And that means putting ourselves first. 🥇

Physicians are experts in delayed gratification.

It’s what got us through our training.👩‍⚕️

And delaying gratification is a trait that can sometimes serve us well in so many ways, by helping us live healthy and organized lives. 👏

I was lucky enough to recognize this last year- and decided to put myself first with my own wellbeing choices, including hiring my own physician mindset coach. It was time for me to prioritize thought work over everything else for my own sake. ⌛ I never looked back. I still have a one on one coach today and never plan to quit. BEST DECISION EVER!

As a physician, by having the awareness that your own well being is a priority, including being vulnerable and reaching out to a coach, you are creating a ripple effect that benefits more than just you. Improving your own mindset helps you to be a better human being overall, which benefits your patients, your family, and all of your relationships. 🦋

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with a physician who is also a certified mindset coach? Schedule a discovery consultation with me and let me help you to learn how to put yourself first. ☝🏼