What is YOUR excuse for not planning ahead?

time mgmt

The idea that spontaneity and doing whatever we want, whenever we want, is what leads to a free life is not based in reality. 🚫
The truth is that PLANNING makes for a truly free life. 🦋
As the saying goes, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Life has a way of making plans for you if you don’t make them yourself.
Planning gives you freedom by structuring your time and giving you clear action steps to take in the direction of your dreams. 💜
When you create a solid plan, it helps you to save time, makes it easy to honor your commitments (to yourself and to others), and gives you a framework to refer to that can keep you motivated to take the action steps that will lead to your success.
◽ Plan deliberately ahead of time

◽ Honor your plan by making in mandatory in advance

◽ Make decisions with conviction

◽ Practice Intentional Constraint- Be OK with saying “NO”!

◽ Take Massive Action -Trying something does not equal doing something

◽ Delegate, delegate, delegate!- You are the visionary!

◽ Eliminate distractions – turn off notifications!!!

◽ Stop multi-tasking (you’re lying to yourself if you think you’re more efficient)

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