Whatever we’ve got on “repeat” in our brain becomes our reality


What’s really cool about the “repetition of reality” concept is that you can actually transform your reality by retraining your brain to focus on the good more than the bad. This concept is the reason that repeating affirmations and acknowledging with gratitude is so effective.

Do the majority of your thoughts make you feel good?

Or does one foul thought tend to have a sinking effect and cause you to start drowning in your negativity? 🤔

Take stock of what you’ve got on auto-loop, and upgrade anything that is not supporting your quest for greatness.

What happens when you recognize that a thought you have repeatedly isn’t true? You may even have the facts to prove that it’s not true. So why do you still have the negative thought? 😓

Repetitive negative thoughts are a sign that it’s time to take a minute for self-reflection and do a Thought Download (TDL).

A TDL helps you to dive deeper into the reasons for why you have that particular thought.

TDLs are an exploration of your mind that are best done on paper. ✍🏻

Start by just writing. Write to your hearts content about what’s on your mind. What is sitting heavy? As I learned from my mentor, I ask myself, “What’s wrong, love?” and then purge my thoughts onto the page.

Then go back and circle the sentences in your journaling that are truly FACTS. Provable in a court of law. How many facts are there? What is not circled are just your stories that your brain is creating. You get to decide if you want to change your story.

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Let’s throw out those shitty stories…