What’s so bad about Anxiety?


This boy looks totally stressed out here, doesn’t he? Yeah, right!!

Don’t we all wish we could avoid stress and anxiety all the time and just fall asleep wherever? 🤪

Overcoming anxiety does not happen by avoiding it.
Accepting your anxiety does not mean you are giving up. It just means you are willing to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings so you can process them.

Step back and watch yourself think and feel it. This gives you a moment of PERSPECTIVE.

When you allow yourself to feel it, it will give you a sense of control over it.
Remember, your thoughts are what cause your anxiety. So, become curious about what you are thinking.

Actively and specifically describe your anxiety, what it feels like, and where you feel it. Write it down on paper. Identifying your thoughts is the first step to taking control.

And don’t forget your breathing when you feel it coming on.

Evidence supports the presence of receptors on the 🫁 surface that send messages to our 🧠 when we are calm and also when we are anxious. When the breathing is rapid and shallow, our brain gets signals to go into fight or flight mode and our anxiety increases. When our breathing is slow and deep, the signals sent to the brain tell it that all is OK and we begin to relax.

Let me show you how to utilize all the tools to control your anxiety.

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