What’s Your Excuse for Not Planning Ahead?


Planning gives you freedom. 🆓

NOT taking the time intentionally to plan ahead is like NOT taking the time to program your GPS before going for a drive. It’ll take you more time in the long run to reach your destination.

The more you plan your time, the more time you will have.

Discipline enables you to create the kind of life that you dream of.
Making a plan and honoring it and your commitment to yourself, being decisive and not changing your mind once you’ve made a decision, and then taking massive action… are the secrets to living your best life. 🎉

Creating a plan for your life starts with putting everything you want to do into your calendar:

✨ Try starting with scheduling “Me Time” and “Focus” time first, because if you don’t prioritize taking care of yourself and focusing on your goals, everything else in your life becomes less enjoyable. If it isn’t scheduled first, it never happens.

✨ Setting realistic timelines is important because it keeps you from burning yourself out with extravagant goals. To set realistic timelines, be honest with yourself about how long things actually take (hint: people as a whole tend to underestimate how long things will take!).

✨ Focusing on whatever you put on your calendar during its time slot is the key to getting things done. If you have too much to fit into one week, it’s ok to schedule some things for the following week. What’s the real hurry?

✨ Make sure to create Pop Off Blocks for emergencies and to put out fires as they arise.

✨ Plan ahead that things will take longer if your kids are home for the day. Don’t create unrealistic expectations for yourself. You are GOING TO BE INTERRUPTED!!!

And finally, what if you do all of these things, and you still fail?

Give yourself some love!

You are a human being and failure is a part of growing and learning. Failing means that you tried, and you figured out what doesn’t work, and that’s the first step toward finding what DOES work.

And remember, if you’re not risking failure, you’re probably not succeeding at the level that you could be!