When you find yourself waking up with anxiety… your body has programmed itself to do what is easiest and routine for it.

When you become “good at” having anxiety, it becomes a habit, just like brushing your teeth.

You don’t really think about it once it becomes part of your every day routine. So you may catch yourself saying, “I’m just an anxious person” or “I wake up anxious.”

This happens because even though it is uncomfortable, it has become familiar and predictable.

But, it’s important not to confuse comfort with familiarity.

Instead, use anxious feelings to cue yourself to check in on what is going on in your brain. Don’t make excuses for your anxiety as justification to avoid things you may be fearing.

Are you choosing the comfort of anxiety as an excuse to avoid facing something that may be scary to you?
Take the challenge head on, and replace your fear with courage.

Wouldn’t you agree that courage is the more productive uncomfortable feeling?

Find the courage to put yourself first, and set up a discovery call with me today.

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