When Working Harder Isn’t Working…


Here’s a little-known secret: productivity is NOT defined by how hard or how many hours you work. 🤭
I have found that things will take however long I give myself to do them. If I give myself three hours to get a task done, the task will take three hours. If I give myself eight hours to do the thing, it’s probably going to take me eight hours. ⏲️
The amount of effort I put in does not necessarily correlate with productivity.
So how did I learn how to STOP spending all of my time working (and NOT getting the results I desired), and start creating a more relaxed and fulfilling life?I learned the exact steps necessary to increase productivity while simultaneously creating more time for the important things in my life. 💜
Sound too good to be true? It’s not!
If you focus on the results you want to get, rather than the time you think it will take to get there, you will see your productivity levels transform. 🦋
The keys to increasing productivity are:
🔹 Create a specific plan of action detailing the steps you need to take to get the results you want.
🔹 Set a time limit. Then stick to it! Timer’s up? Pencils DOWN!
🔹 Done is better than perfect. Get the draft B(-) work done first, do edits afterward. Editing while working is a sure way to slow your progress down.
🔹 Take five minutes at the beginning of each day to meditate or set intentions around your ability to be productive.
Ready to increase productivity? Set a timer, limit all distractions, and get to work! 👏 And if you still need help with this, contact me to learn more!