Which of these relationship struggles sound familiar to you?


Which of these relationship struggles sound familiar to you?

✨ You are in a committed relationship but seem to constantly be fighting and you’re not even sure about what. 🧐

✨ You are a serial dater who keeps promising yourself that next time you’re going to end things at the first sign of a red flag…only to find yourself in a relationship just like the last one. 😩

✨ You haven’t dated in a long time because you can’t seem to find anyone you click with and it’s a waste of time putting yourself out there. 😠

What all of these situations have in common is… you.

Whether you’re struggling in a committed relationship or can’t seem to find love, the common denominator is you. 😶

Being in a mature relationship means learning how to first navigate your own emotional reactions and addressing those feelings of low self-worth, insecurity, jealousy, and fear.

It means taking an honest look at the role you play in relationship drama and deciding if you’re done with self-sabotaging and self-loathing thoughts and now ready to address conflict as it arises with love and curiosity.

It means investigating thoughts that no longer serve you and choosing more empowering thoughts that support what you want in your ideal relationship instead. 👏🏽

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