It’s been a year since I started by business, so I figured it’s a great time for another introduction!

My name is Dr. Arpita Gupta DePalma and I am the founder of Thought Work, MD. I created this entity to help professional women transform themselves from showing up as simply functional to embracing and thriving with their capacity to be EXCEPTIONAL, using the tools provided with mindset coaching! 💜

Here I am at the Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment (ACE) Conference for Women Physicians, where I had the chance to bond with female badass physicians and share with them some of the tools I benefited from with Mindset Coaching, so they too can begin to see how it can truly change their lives. 💯

My logo for Thought Work, MD was intentional. We all can start leading more intentional lives when we start to think in new ways, on purpose. My logo portrays a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, all captured within the space of a female silhouette. It represents the transformation ALL of our minds are capable of. 🦋

The radical transformation of our minds can follow a similar path as that of the caterpillar: the old must completely break down and dissolve in order to make room for the new. 👏🏼

That’s why falling apart and crying is completely OK and is actually the first step of the process of letting go of the old so that you can rebuild something beautiful: a new you! 💙

Sometimes, you just need a little Mindset Coaching to help you achieve your goals. That’s what I am here for, to help empower YOU to become EXCEPTIONAL. 🙌

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