Why are you eating that right now? What is your reason?

Is it:

1) Fuel eating- when your body has the hunger sensation as a result of ghrelin hormone. It’s necessary to provide the energy your body needs to function🧠

2) Pleasure eating- when you eat just to enjoy the taste of it but you aren’t really hungry🍪

3) Mindless eating- when you are eating without consciousness often times to avoid feeling a negative emotion (remember buffering?). It’s when you finish a whole bag of chips without even realizing it😮

4) Binge eating- when you eat against your will because you just can’t combat the overwhelming desire that your mind is creating❌

My weakness is that darn ice cream after dinner.

The urge for it is REAL!

So, when that urge comes in for me to grab that bite of cold, creamy, sweet goodness, my brain says to itself, “I see you urge. I knew you were coming. And I’ve planned to enjoy ice cream on Saturday nights and honor myself. Thank you, but no thank you.” And then I just allow the urge to be there and watch it slowly pass.

Honestly, most of the time I get pulled away to take care of something and completely forget the urge in the first place. But, if I don’t first acknowledge the urge or let my brain think it’s in charge by allowing the urge, the urge just gets stronger and stronger, I end up giving in to it and binging on ice cream and then regretting it later.

Humans think if they resist acknowledging the urge for that treat that the urge will go away.


In actuality, resisting it just makes it stronger and then you are more likely to give into it.

So I am intentional by using my primitive brain – by planning in advance knowing that I will see that urge settle in sometime after eating supper each night. I intentionally prepare for it.

Your job is to work on learning how to be present with the urge to eat…allow the urge to be there…watch as it slowly passes…and then…NOT EAT!