To people outside of the wellness industry, self-care can sometimes be misconstrued as selfishness. 🤔
People don’t understand that putting yourself first is actually the best way to ensure that you are offering the most excellent version of yourself to your relationships, your family, and your career. 😮
Focusing on yourself and putting your needs and desires first enables you to contribute SO much more. 👏

Think about times in your life when you’ve put everyone else first: your kids, your husband, your job, your friendships. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted, stressed out… to the point where if someone asks you for one more thing you’ll lose your shit. 😱

It doesn’t have to be that way! 💙

When you learn how to take the time to prioritize your own needs, you have so much more to give to others. You can interact with the people around you in an enjoyable way and give from a space of gratitude and genuine care instead of resentment and anger. 💜

Taking care of yourself means being honest with yourself and the people in your life about your needs and wants, setting strong boundaries, and doing things for others from an authentic desire to give rather than from a place of obligation. 💯

It means taking care of your emotional wellbeing so that you can show up as your best self. 🤍

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