You can’t change ANYTHING unless you’re first aware of it.

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Increasing awareness is one of the most important things you can do to transform your mindset…and your life! 😍

When you shine the light of your awareness on the things that trigger emotions that cause you to react in ways that negatively affect your life, you are taking the first step in making positive changes.

You can’t change ANYTHING unless you’re first aware of it. 👏🏼

To increase awareness around your emotional triggers, try asking yourself these questions:

💙 WHAT AM I THINKING? You can start by first noticing what you’re thinking, for example, you might be thinking “My to-do list never gets finished!”

💙 WHY AM I THINKING THIS? Next, ask yourself the reasons behind your thinking. Maybe you’re thinking about your to-do list never getting finished because you make one every day and it’s constantly on your mind, taking up your time and energy.

💙 HOW IS IT MAKING ME FEEL? Your thoughts create your emotions. How is this thought making you feel? Continuing with the to-do list example, you might feel stressed, rushed, angry, worried, resentful, etc.

💙 WHY DOES THIS SET ME OFF? Maybe your to-do list sets you off because you struggle with perfectionism and don’t think you’re good enough unless you cross every item off the list…and that rarely happens.

💙 WHAT AM I MAKING THIS MEAN? Nothing has meaning other than the meaning you give it. What are you making your to-do list mean about you? Are you making it mean that you are inadequate, that you just aren’t the type of person who can successfully get things done?

Taking a moment to increase your awareness around your thoughts and feelings is the first step in changing them. Practice this daily for the best results! 🦋

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