You deserve to have compassion for yourself, exactly as you are.


We are all works in progress,

we all hit bumps in the road, stumble, and fall.


beating yourself up for not measuring up to some impossible bar of perfection won’t make you perform any better (at least not in the long run).

When your brain offer you those shitty thoughts about yourself repeatedly, it creates a dynamic where you start to believe it!— That you will never be good enough no matter how hard you try.

And then eventually, this leads to your ‘stopping all your trying’ and not even putting yourself out there anymore.

Failing ahead of time.

Thanks, but NO thanks, shitty little brain.

Self compassion starts with understanding that everyone on the planet struggles even if they don’t seem to, because life is 50/50.

That every emotion is valid and can be experienced by the entire human race WHEN we allow it.

And that you deserve to LOVE YOURSELF just for being you.

What can you do today to show yourself the self-love and compassion that you deserve? 🦋

I love empowering women to be exceptional.

I love helping women begin to acknowledge and SCREAM OUT their true 100% worth.

I love helping women bring out their inner BADASS selves!

So what are you waiting for?

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