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“Stop shoulding all over yourself.”
This is some of the best advice I have ever received.
It’s easy to talk about what you should have said, easy to describe everything you should have done differently, or constantly ruminate over what you should be doing next.
The thing is, when you talk about what you should have done or what you should still do, you are doing so many things that don’t serve you: You are likely to be judging and shaming yourself. You are likely to be beating yourself up. You are metaphorically punching yourself in the face.AND
You are preventing yourself from seeing what you HAVE done, what you HAVE accomplished, and what other possibilities and gifts are present with the things happening exactly as they happened.
Turning your “should-haves” into “could-haves” can feel so freeing.
” I could have said “yes” to that work project no one wants to do, but I chose to honor my self-care commitment to myself instead.”
“I could have worked all night to get that co-worker’s work done, but I chose to empower them to be accountable or learn from it.”
“I could have taken my kid’s lunch to school for him that he forgot, but I decided this is a great lesson in responsibility for him.”
What is the reason you are afraid of changing your “should haves” to “could haves”?
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