Most of us see adversity as something undesirable that we are forced to deal with. Things that we couldn’t avoid and are forced to overcome.

However, would you ever intentionally choose a more difficult path just to see what you could learn from it?

Would you take on unnecessary challenges head on for self-improvement?

Is it possible that you may even be good at it?

When we intentionally choose to take a path of optional adversity, we offer ourselves the opportunity to grow in an unconventional way.

The capacity for self-development and growth is expanded when we opt to take on and overcome challenges we aren’t required to face.
Living a more adventurous life, rather than just reacting to a challenges we are forced to deal with, is living a more intentional life.

And although facing these obstacles may force you to feel more discomfort than you would have had you just sat idle, it’s quite possible that this chosen adversity will lead to unexpected success.

When you push yourself to try things that take you out of your comfort zone, you push yourself towards reaching your end goals faster.

Because, if we don’t put ourselves out there and challenge ourselves with optional adversities, we will never know our true potential to achieve.

So, does facing adversity make you feel uncomfortably stressed?


Do you have the mindset to accept optional adversity head to see what can happen?