Where do you want to be in 5 years?
We hear this question too often. We have ample time to think about it.

Yet, the answer is almost always, “I’m not sure.”

Step outside of your comfort zone, think about this question, and explore the possibilities with curiosity in different ways:

“If I could do anything, what would I want to create in the next 5 years?”

“What can I do to optimize the likelihood that I will achieve this?”

“If I had already reached this goal, what advice would my future self tell me now?”

Your future self can be your greatest motivator and mentor. How do you envision yourself feeling while living your future dream life? What’s stopping you from feeling that way now?

Our past tries to control our decision-making. It influences our mindset and forces us to make decisions that keep us “safe”.

When we intentionally choose to live by accepting discomfort and seeing possibility, rather than living based on past examples and experiences, it opens up a world of opportunity.

Bring on the courage to take on the challenges and difficulties you will face along the way to reaching your DREAM future.

In order to make progress towards our goals, we must adopt “future-focused thinking” —

where we do not let our past navigate our actions and dictate what we create in our future.