As Justin Bieber says, “You should go and love yourself!”


As Justin Bieber says, “You should go and love yourself!” ❤️
It may have been in a snarky context, but it works here!
Our brains’ default setting is to constantly focus on what’s gone wrong and obstacles we may face, at the cost of dismissing all of the progress we have made in life so far.
Think about it- do you ever find yourself saying in traffic, “Wow, look at how WELL that person is driving. They are so KIND!”
Hell NO!
Because our caveman default is to focus on the bad.
It’s our brain seeking out danger in an attempt to always try to keep us safe.
To minimize any success in order to prepare for the next major disaster.
We need to start retraining our brain to focus on the things that we have accomplished and that are going WELL!!!
Every night I ask myself, “Tell me love, what went well today?”
I show myself compassion.
I redirect to focus on the good.
I intentionally choose what I want to spend my brain space on.
Because when I can think about the good, I FEEL GOOD!
We are females, professionals, moms, wives, daughters-juggling multiple hats and multiple duties. WE WORK HARD!
AND— We are BADASSES. 👏🏻
Don’t minimize things you have accomplished.
Take time NOW to embrace and enjoy everything that you have already achieved. 💯
Relish in your successes TODAY, because if you put off celebrating your wins, who knows when you will get to again?
So schedule that weekend beach trip (or that annual girl’s trip to Miraval), take yourself out to lunch at that fancy restaurant, or book a spa day, because YOU, my friend, have earned it! 💜
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