Anger is a way of avoiding feeling the pain that we feel when we are exposed to a situation that brings up another negative emotion such as fear, shame, disappointment, resentment, urgency, etc etc.
What are some of the things that activate your anger? 😡
When someone does or says something that sets us off, we can get caught up in a useless pattern of retaliation- wanting to get back at them or hurt them the way they have hurt us.
This creates an ongoing cycle that’s hard to break free from, without making a conscious effort.
And who really ends up feeling shitty the entire time?
Can you see that the other person really isn’t able to feel the angst you are feeling? 😥
The first step to changing any pattern we have fallen in to is increasing your AWARENESS. Then, once you become aware of the behavior that you want to change, ask yourself what was your brain telling you when you act that way.
It’s as simple as paying attention to what you are thinking when you start to feel angry and then gradually choosing a new way of thinking that allows you to react more intentionally.
To train yourself on how to handle anger when it pops up, you just have to plan for it in advance.
Planning ahead has changed my life. I plan ahead by having awareness around what sets me off and then creating an anger protocol for how I will handle it the next time I’m in that situation. 👍
Ask yourself what triggers your anger.
Write these instances or pet peeve examples down.
How can you increase your awareness around why you have these pet peeves or triggers?
Are you making the situation you are in be a false attack on you somehow when it really may not be?
Curiosity… it’s a beautiful thing.
And, having your plan in place for what you will do when you notice that you are feeling triggered is the golden ticket to your owning your agency. 💯
Ready to explore with me and then develop your custom anger protocol to be in control of your mindset?
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