“Can you please hurry up so we can…….”


“Can you please hurry up so we can…….”
How often do you hear yourself saying these words to your kids, your partner, or your employees? 🤦🏽
There always seems to be an urgency to get to someplace next or finish up a task. (And thus we may forget the dogs outside all day…)
There is a difference between things being URGENT versus things being IMPORTANT.
We ALL make mistakes when we do this: 🙋
How many times do you answer your texts/emails/calls right away to the point that they interrupt quality time with a loved one or friends or your ability to focus on what you are doing?
Do you really need to look at that phone when you’re at the dinner table?
Is that text really urgent?… or just important and ok to address in a little bit?
Stop to think, what really is the big rush? 🤔
What are you always hurrying for?
Just to rush to do the next thing on your list? Show your face at the 5 invites you got for the weekend? Not miss out on XYZ for fear of being excluded?
You may have shown up for one more social event of the season, but did you really live the experience? 🤷🏼
You don’t have to live life constantly ushering yourself from one thing to the next, barely covering your bases.
Learning how to manage time effectively comes down to learning the difference between what is urgent and what is important.
It’s about prioritizing the activities that will bring you closer to meeting your goals, whether those are personal or professional.
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