Do you know the difference between resting and laziness?


Do you know the difference between resting and laziness?
Laziness is simply not wanting to work.
It seems daunting.
So we don’t get started.
Laziness holds us back from reaching our goals.
High achievers often confuse resting with laziness because they feel like they need to be “on” all the time in order to prove their worth.
But resting is CRUCIAL, and it is not the same as being LAZY.
In fact, if you don’t intentionally build rest periods into your schedule, you are setting yourself up for burnout.
Making time to rest empowers you to show up as your best self.
And that means you show up with more creativity, more energy, and more motivation, which actually increases your productivity. 👏🏽
Not sure if you are resting versus being lazy?
Ask yourself if you are truly relaxing and enjoying your time spent resting (IE- it feels GOOD)
if you are procrastinating and distracting yourself from doing the tasks that you need to do (IE- it feels like DREAD)
If you catch yourself procrastinating or getting distracted, congratulate yourself for your growing awareness and decide if you want to take action.
I can help you create more balance in your life.
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