Do you think it’s your kids’ fault when they bring out the BEAST in you


Do you think it’s your kids’ fault when they bring out the BEAST in you? 🙈
Kids can really be experts at this…and sometimes they bring out the BEST in us as well, even though it seems to happen a lot less frequently. 🐯
When we get angry at our children, there are so many things that could be going on.
First, shit just happens and you’re tired of being a broken record. Maybe you’ve asked your kid a thousand times to pick up their room and it’s STILL not done.
Then you start thinking that your kid doesn’t respect you, they don’t care about everything you do for them, that they never will be responsible because you’ve failed at teaching them how to do so.
That turns into them not being able to get a good job when they’re older because they can’t even listen to you, that they’re going to end up living in your basement, or worse, a jail cell…you get the picture. 😨
Once the bad thoughts start, they can really start to spiral. Our brains are doing their job- keeping us safe by preparing us for the worst case scenarios.
And those thoughts our shitty brains offer lead to our FEELINGS. So you might start feeling frustrated, inadequate, afraid, guilty. And that’s when you explode at your kid in anger, mostly to avoid feeling all those other shitty feelings. Because the anger gives us a false sense of feeling in control, and it feels more powerful. 😥
Your thoughts ultimately impact your actions. This means being able to control your thoughts can change the way you react during situations with your kids.
Understanding why you may feel the way you do, and changing the thought patterns surrounding a situation, can help you handle conflict better in a relationship, if not avoid it all together.
It is important to understand that although you are unable to control your kids’ thoughts and feelings, you are in control of yours when you make the effort. 🦋
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