💜 Have you checked your calendar today?
Revisiting your calendar each day is a great way to evaluate your progress.
Is there is anything that you didn’t get done?
Keep track of those items so that you can adjust the time you will need to get them done when you are doing your next Thursday Time Out session.
Don’t stress yourself out when you find you didn’t meet your expectations to get everything done. Failures are a part of the learning process and are a sign that you are taking the risks necessary for growth. And, next week you get to adjust and tweak, until you figure out what makes it work.
The more you commit to your calendar, the simpler it will become to meet your deadlines.
Revisiting your calendar gives you the chance to see what items will require more time in the future, and what items you may be able to schedule less time for.
And that’s how you get things done! 💙