How is your to-do list doing more harm than good?


How is your to-do list doing more harm than good? 👀
I know, it feels impossible that you would ever be able to get anything done without it, but…how realistic is your to-do list and are you actually getting it done each day?
How much anxiety is it unnecessarily creating for you?
And how rushed do you feel throughout the day?
Are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, your partner, your employees, and your kids because of it? 😥
Putting pressure on your kids with endless to-do lists and schedules can take a toll on everyone.
So why do we do it?
When parents are stressed out or have a lot to do, their constant sense of urgency and pressure gets projected onto their kids.
Compound this with tiger parenting, when you have high expectations of your kids and demand that they perform to your standards without any regard for their goals and desires. It’s a recipe for unmet false expectations and even more frustration.
If you find yourself being overly strict with your kids you may want to ask yourself honestly, “Is this me feeling a loss of control in other areas of my life?”
Pressuring your kids to succeed often has more to do with your own thoughts around perfectionism and self-worth than it does with helping your kids create a successful future.
It’s SO important to ask yourself WHY you are so attached to getting your to-do list all done and why you have the same expectations of your kiddos.
Are you making their successes be a reflection of you or your parenting?
Are you making their failures mean something about you?
Is this doing anyone any good?
Man, we’ve learned how to take a chill pill with our kiddos.
I’m not perfect by any means, and I still have my pet peeves, but I think my minions have seen a big change for the better.
And yes, someone may have forgotten a few crucial items when she gathered everything just one day before moving back into college this year…
And, it will all work out in the end how it is supposed to.
Reach out today to learn how to let some shit go, to live a to-do list free life (yes, it is possible), & how to love your kiddos unconditionally for exactly who they are.