To have the honor to help my colleagues fills my heart.


Interested in Group Coaching for Women Physicians?

I recently had the pleasure of leading 2 group coaching cohorts of women physicians.

On that first call, I saw what I usually see when I first start with a client… hesitation, skepticism, doubt, defeat. Many of these emotions were worn by the faces on the screen.

As we began to dive into what was weighing on them, many of these powerful women described emotional exhaustion, burnout, compassion fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, anger, and their overall lack of joy in life.

I spent just 6 weeks with them teaching them the fundamental concepts behind mindset shift and change. That was only a 6-hour investment for them.

And although it was not my usual full 12-week course, they were able to grasp and apply just enough from those 6 sessions to see a change in their day-to-day lives.

The feedback and success stories I received from them afterward brought me to tears.

To have the honor to help my colleagues fills my heart.

These are my sisters, our healers, MY COLLEAGUES-

and they prioritized making a difference in their own lives.

They chose to promote their own wellness in medicine.

So that they can then show up more fully to help others.

They put themselves first for 6 hours over 6 weeks, and they will never be the same. An invaluable gift for me to be able to give, and an invaluable gift for them to give to themselves.

Since the last session, many of those women have reached out to see if I can take them on as private clients. I am humbled at the opportunity.

Over the next few months, I will share some testimonials from these AMAZING BADASS groups of women.

Are you ready to see how living mindfully can change your life as it did theirs?

Women Physicians…What are you waiting for?

Book a Discovery Consultation with me. Because I am offering something new…

I am starting a group cohort comprised of private clients this fall. And I’m not yet sure if I will do it again.

It’s an added bonus that I am offering only to clients who sign up before Labor Day, 2022.

Healers healing Healers.

Let’s do this.