What is your pride from your hard work really getting you?


What is your pride from your hard work really getting you? 🧐
We love being productive…
and wrongfully place much of our self-worth on the results we produce.
What a shame.
We then push to instill that same work ethic in our children, and we judge others who we see as lazy or who half-ass things. We are perpetuating this self-consuming culture.
Unfortunately, many of us fail to see that REST is really part of working, and when we don’t allow for rest and recuperation, burnout occurs.
Burnout happens when we don’t accept how important it is to pause and take a minute for ourselves.
When we don’t refill our cups.
When we continue to pour from a draining reservoir.
It happens when we think that the harder we work, the better the results will be.
📢 The truth is, the VALUE that we provide and the culture we create while generating that value is the most important thing.
To avoid burnout, you can try making some small, one-degree changes in your thinking in a way that helps you see that only when you first provide for yourself are you best equipped to provide for others.
I can help you learn how to get better results by working smarter, not harder and by learning to put yourself first.
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