What pushes YOUR anger button 🤬?
When certain people wrong us, or trigger our emotions, we may at times want to “even the playing field.”
In reality, although we may know that this is not the best or most effective route to choose, we often still do.
When we feel we have been wronged, we can choose to feel the pain 😢, or we can choose to feel anger 😡.
Would you agree that it feels more powerful to feel angry than it does to feel pain? This is why our brain tends to steer us towards the anger, to avoid the feelings of hurt.
Empower yourself to handle those feelings of anger when they pop in.
Ask yourself:
What are the thoughts or triggers that cause anger for me? 🤔
How can I increase my awareness of these triggers and have a predetermined plan in place for how to react when I notice these thoughts/triggers coming in?
Awareness is key- so consider what your triggers are to understand what causes anger for you, and purposely implement an anger protocol to control your reactions.
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