What pushes YOUR buttons?
Your husband not doing his Honey-Do List?
Your high school child having no interest in researching colleges?
The TV not working again before the big game weekend?
Your kids not getting you anything for Christmas?
Want to stop giving them all your power?
You know that none of those people feel any of your anger when you’re angry, right?
You are the only one getting to feel all those shitty feels.
Want to learn how to regain control?
How to not let them set you off?
How to let it no longer be an energy suck?
My online anger course, From Reaction to Response, is the first step to get you back in control.
This course will explain why you lose your cool, why it happens so fast, and the reasons you keep doing it even though it feels so bad after the fact.
My course will offer you handy tips on how to curb that anger response THAT WORK…
So you can change your reactions that have somehow become automatic over time and start to show up with intention and in control.
Click the link in below to learn more and sign up today.