What’s YOUR go to protocol?
Maybe you don’t have one… yet.
Developing a Mini Protocol for dealing with anger is a great way to train your brain to respond differently to your triggers. 🙌
This 5-step mini protocol can be done anywhere, anytime your anger is kicking in.
The more you practice this protocol, the more natural it becomes, and eventually, it will become an automatic response when faced with the things that activate you…instead of reacting emotionally. 💯
1️⃣ Become aware of what triggers your anger. You can get help with this and tell a partner what your triggers are to help remind you to pause when they see you start to spiral to help keep you on track.
2️⃣ Pause and take a slow deep breath. Taking slow deep breaths tells your brain that you are safe, and allows you to start calming down.
3️⃣ Make an excuse to remove yourself from the situation for a moment.
4️⃣ In your private space, allow yourself to fully feel your anger
so you can begin to notice what anger FEELS like vibrationally in your body. Put your hand on your chest and take deep breaths until it passes.
5️⃣ Decide ahead of time if you want to return to the situation and address the trigger right then or later when it better serves you and gives you time to think through how you want to respond.
When you are able to prepare in advance and be aware of your anger triggers instead of reacting in a way you’ll regret later, you hold on to your agency and remain in control. From that neutral space, you are able to take effective action to deal with whatever triggered you in the first place. 👏🏻
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