❤️ Does your definition of success include love?


❤️ Does your definition of success include love?
What if your purpose in life had nothing to do with your career, or any kind of external goals?
💛 What if you are simply meant to be a loving force in the world?
What if being lovingly present was all you needed to do to be successful?
💚 You can start by loving who you are, and then loving those around you.
You don’t have to tell people that you love them (although you certainly can), just work on thinking loving thoughts and appreciating them for who they are.
💙 When you start to live in love, your life changes.
Why not give living with the intention of spreading love a try? Even if you don’t care for someone, if you choose to feel love for them, even if only secretly, you are the one who benefits. Can you love like a child loves?
💜 What do you have to lose?
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