A+, again. Rock on. You got a perfect score.


A+, again. Rock on. You got a perfect score. 💯
But have you ever considered how you may be limiting yourself by always trying to be perfect?
Perfectionism comes from worrying about how people perceive you, and it is often responsible for stealing from you your dreams. 😓
Does focusing on the minutia to achieve perfection prevent you from reaching your full potential?
You’re SO focused on EVERY SINGLE THING BEING SPOT ON, that you lose sight of the BIG PICTURE?!!
Or do you not even start trying to achieve your goal because you’re afraid of producing anything less than A+ work?
See? Perfectionism is causing you to fail ahead of time.
We are our own worst critics, so it’s understandable how perfectionism can actually be the reason that you DON’T pursue your dreams.
When you don’t give yourself a chance to be imperfect, you don’t give yourself a chance to move towards your end goal (even if it isn’t the final draft).
📢There’s a difference between perfection and excellence. 📢
Consider allowing yourself to turn in B- work.
What’s the WORST thing that could happen?
Can you make Imperfect = I’m Perfect? 👀
You get to choose how you think of yourself,
and that choice determines the results you create for yourself.
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