Are you a people pleasing perfectionist? 🤚🏽
Does the idea of prepping half assedly for the holidays make you break out in a sweat? 😓
Are you dreading wrapping those gifts with the trendiest new color coordinated wrap and bows so everything matches under your tree? All to impress your family members? 🎁
And does the need to host and prepare that perfect meal keep you from even trying? 🙈
Perfectionism has a sneaky way of getting us to avoid trying anything that we aren’t 100% sure that we’ll ace.
The thing is, true success is built on a foundation of failures. Failing give us the chance to learn what works.
So when we don’t even try, we’re not learning how to be better.
The REAL failure is not trying in the first place. 👎🏾
Those of us with perfectionist tendencies often have a particularly hard time during the holidays.
We kill ourselves attempting reach our self-created level of perfection in our decorations to prove to others that we are amazing.
🍗 That our cooking is tasty enough.
🎁 That our gifts are thoughtful enough.
🏠 That our house is clean enough.
👶🏽 That our children are obedient enough.
✉️ That our pictures are holiday card worthy enough. 🙄
We’re striving so hard to meet unrealistic expectations, that we don’t even actually ENJOY the holidays.
Not sure where to begin?
I’m here to help.
Book a Discovery Consultation with me today and let’s work together to let go of perfectionism and living a more delightful life. 🦋