Are you the bottleneck of your own success? 👀
We all know that a bottleneck is a situation where all progress is halted due to factors in the chain of production.
If you’ve ever held yourself back from doing something because you were afraid of doing it wrong, then YOU are the bottleneck that’s standing between you and your dreams. 😳
So, what are you going to do about it?
A great way to shift to a growth mindset is to ask yourself WWMFSD? (What Would My Future Self Do?) 👏🏾
What is the thing that you’re currently afraid of doing that she’s already done?
How did she do it differently? 🤔
How does she run your company or lead your team?
How does she do the tasks that need to get done to meet your goals?
How do you feel when you imagine yourself as that FUTURE YOU?
Now ask yourself, what is stopping you from feeling that way and doing those things right NOW?
All it takes is baby steps… so stop listening to the chatter in your brain.
YOU get to decide if you want to be your own bottleneck, or if you want to embody your future self and start working toward your dreams! 👏🏾
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