Do you know and BELIEVE that you are unconditionally loveable? 💜


Do you know and BELIEVE that you are unconditionally loveable? 💜
We are ALL born 100% loveable and worthy.
And we have the ability to love ourselves (our love-ability) in a way that is completely self-sufficient, if we choose to do so. (Yes, even my girl knows I am right about this!)
A lot of times, we think that what other people say or do is what makes us feel loved.
But, in reality, it all starts with how we choose to think about things.
When we make a conscious effort to think thoughts that make us feel loved, we generate and create that feeling of love… by ourselves.
It’s not what someone (including yourself) says or does that makes you feel loved, it’s what you are thinking about what was said or done that creates that feeling of love.
Love is simply a feeling, and your feelings are responses to your thoughts.
When you start thinking more loving thoughts – about yourself, those around you, and the world at large – you start to feel more love. ❤️
And when you feel more love, you start to take more loving actions, towards yourself and others.
See if you can start to practice thinking loving thoughts toward yourself every day. When you wake up each morning, put your hand on your chest and say like your life depended on it, “Good morning dear, I LOVE you.”
It’s amazing how powerful this little routine can be.
Can you challenge yourself to love yourself as you are, mistakes and all?
If loving yourself unconditionally seems like an unrealistic or impossible task, let me help you.
Schedule a Discovery Consultation with me today and I’ll help you see how worthy of love you always have been and are. 💙