“Do you want to hurt now, or sometime later?”


If someone were to ask you, “Do you want to hurt now, or sometime later?” which would you choose?
Later, right?
Pain sucks. So many of us use coping mechanisms like binge eating, over-drinking, or zoning out in front of our screens to avoid pain. 📺
The thing is, choosing distraction techniques to avoid our pain doesn’t actually make it go away. It only keeps us from experiencing its full intensity in the moment.
And, there’s a price to pay for that delay. Pain will often express itself when you least expect it, perhaps in the form of reacting to events in a way you will later regret.
Eventually, you’ll have to experience the pain. 👈🏼
So, what’s the harm in just feeling it now?
When you fully embrace the discomfort of painful emotions, allow yourself to process them, and wait for them to pass, you are honoring the full spectrum of human emotions and teaching yourself a more effective way of managing your feelings.
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