Have you heard about how to use an Urge Jar?


Have you heard about how to use an Urge Jar?
This is one of my favorite tricks for retraining your brain and is a great way to start working toward your goals for 2023.
To get started, find a clear jar that you can use to hold 100 coins, marbles, or pretty aquarium pebbles.
✔️ Start paying attention to your urges, the ones that you want to change and stop giving in to.
✔️ Then, simply ALLOW them to be there, be present with them, without giving in to them or resisting them.
✔️ Every time you allow an urge without acting on it, put a marble, coin, or pebble into your clear jar.
Doing something 100 times is how you make a new habit become routine.
Your brain is motivated by seeing progress, so as you watch the jar fill up, you will be giving yourself the validation that supports building new habits.
And, don’t beat yourself up if there are setbacks.
It happens.
Forgive yourself, figure out where the breakdown may have occurred, and move forward.
You’ve got your back.
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