OUR thoughts create OUR feelings.
Not what other people do or say. Stop blaming the world.
Over the holidays, you may find yourself disagreeing with family members. Does it always end up with a tense visit and aggravation toward the person you disagree with?
What other people do makes us think a certain thought, and that in turn creates what we are feeling. When we feel badly, our actions reflect that.
Considering a different perspective with curiosity regarding why people may be acting the way they are will empower you to have thoughts that better serve you. You can have thoughts that help you be the person you want to show up as.
Being more curious about why the people in your life may be doing the things they do, will make a world of difference in your relationships.
Your relationships with others are created by the thoughts you have about them.
You can’t change other people, but you can change your brain and what you are choosing to think.
Ask yourself, are you thinking thoughts that are serving you?
Do you know all the facts?
Or is your brain making up a story that you now believe to be fact? 🧠
Do you want to be in constant strife about something that was said/done, or is there a possibility of a different perspective?
Allow someone to be as they are, recognize your thoughts create your feelings, and stop giving your power away by blaming them for how you feel.
Decide how you want to feel and empower yourself to be in control! 🦋