Urges are desires generated by our thoughts.


Urges are desires generated by our thoughts.
Thoughts such as:
That birthday donut looks yummy, one won’t hurt.
One bite of ice cream after dinner will hit the spot. It’s better than a bowlful.
Lemme check my phone real quick to see who liked my post.
Before you know it, you ate a donut you didn’t even want, you’ve gone back for 10 more spoonfuls of cold cream sweetness, and 3 hours have gone by wasting time on your phone when you should have been working.
Fleeting thoughts like these may seem insignificant and you may not even be aware of them, but they create results that make us feel horrible later.
So why does this happen? Why can’t we stay in control?
Humans love to seek pleasure, for that temporary dopamine hit.
So when you give in to the urges, you feel awesome, but damn it sucks because it’s only short lived.
You feel like crap again… and then have another urge to do something else to make you feel better again.
Urges make you feel like you have to take action, but they do not control you.
Your brain controls you.
So, you have to retrain your brain.
Have you ever thought about just sitting there with the urge, and not giving in to it. Not resisting it. But just allowing it?
Here’s the brain hack…
Give yourself permission to notice the urge, acknowledge it, and then just allow it to be there without acting on it. Does it gradually go away?
Your brain is a funny thing, it just needs to be in the driver’s seat and be the one making this choice. When consciously start doing this, it eliminates any resistance because YOU are the one making the choice to just allow the urge to be there and to not give in to it.
So, let’s retrain your brain, and make allowing urges become your new dopamine hit.
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