What is the 1 thing that you want to change about your life?


What is 1️⃣ thing that you want to change about your life? 🧐

Is it something about your relationship, your finances, your health, your career?

For example, maybe you’re tired of carrying that extra 10 pounds. 🙈

Now ask yourself, what is it that YOU are doing that is creating the undesired results?

Maybe you’re drinking wine every night. Or maybe you’re having sweets while you sit and watch TV, to take the edge off the day and help relieve any built up tension or feelings of stress.

Those tiny actions we take every day add up to the results we get.

So— I want to ask you, what yucky feelings are you trying to avoid when you drink that glass of wine, eat a whole sleeve of oreos, or scroll on social media for hours?

If you feel stressed out, upset, tired, angry, and emotionally drained every day, it’s pretty easy to understand why we may turn to these flowery guilty pleasures to generate a false sense of joy instead.

But that joy is mostly short-lived and then followed with regret or self-loathing, which leads to more negative feelings we try to avoid, which lead to more flowery guilty pleasures.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

Working to figure out the kinds of thoughts that you’re having that lead to those feelings is the first step in making real change in your life.

This takes practice.

Once you start paying attention to your thoughts, you can begin to let go of any that lead to negative feelings (and unproductive actions) and choose new thoughts that make you feel better and take the kinds of actions that will get you the results that you desire.

I can show you how you can start making changing your thoughts second nature. Book a Discovery Consultation with me today and let’s work together to achieve your goals. 🦋