What is YOUR adversity quotient? 👀
ie: Your willingness to take on OPTIONAL adverse challenges?
And, your persistence in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges…
It all comes down to how you CHOOSE to perceive adversity.
So… how do you show up when given the choice of choosing optional discomforts?
Do you encounter these challenges with dread, believing they are unavoidable obstacles that you are forced to deal with?
💡 What if you could shift and begin to see adversity as an opportunity instead?
What if you could view it as a chance to face those obstacles for your own growth and advantage, even if not immediate?
Making the intentional choice to learn from optional adversity is a gift we give ourselves that helps us to develop in ways we might never have imagined. 🙌
When you choose adversity, you are choosing adventure, intentionality, and self-development over staying “safe” in your comfort zone where you simply react to or avoid any challenges that may confront you.
Adversity isn’t comfortable. And, leaving our comfort zone is the only way we ever learn what we are truly made of. It’s the only way to understand our actual potential.
So, what is YOUR adversity quotient?
Can you bump it up a bit?
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