Did you know one of the coolest things about the human brain is its ability to change?


Did you know one of the coolest things about the human brain 🧠 is its ability to change? Your brain is like Play-Doh- it has neuroplasticity- the ability to be molded and create new things (new neural pathways for new habits). So you don’t have to remain stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaving. All it takes is committing to making a change and then taking action.
Having a minimum baseline can be an effective tool for taking consistent action to change your life. 🎬
A minimum baseline is the least amount of a thing that you are willing to commit to- it’s EASY. So, you’ll know if you set the bar too high if you don’t do it.💜
A minimum baseline could be exercising for 5 minutes twice a week, or saving $ by skipping one coffee run a week. 💸
When setting goals, you can create a minimum baseline that supports your goals AND is ridiculously easy to achieve. It’s the first step to getting there! 💙
Maybe writing a novel seems impossible, but what if you committed to writing just five minutes a day? Similarly, if you’re looking to change your eating habits, you might commit to having just one day a week where you don’t have dessert. 🍨
Setting a minimum baseline helps you to create internally driven motivation, rather than relying on your environment for external motivators. 💁‍♀️
It also helps you to build TRUST with YOURSELF by creating an environment where you honor your promises to yourself, no matter how small. When you see yourself honoring your commitment to the super easy goals, you build confidence in yourself and demonstrate integrity as you begin to raise the bar as you move to the next level.❤️
And that trust in yourself, that commitment to even incremental change?
That changes EVERYTHING. 👏
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