How many times have you made a decision out of FOMO?


How many times have you made a decision out of FOMO?
You know- The Fear Of Missing Out…
👎🏼 You were already in your pajamas, ready to snuggle up with a good book, when your friends called you to see if you were coming to Paint with Wine Event tonight.
👎🏼 You REALLY just want to work on writing your novel, but your husband wants to watch Yellowstone with you on the couch.
👎🏼 You’ve been invited to a half a dozen holiday parties and are overwhelmed shopping for outfits to wear and gifts to bring even though you would really just prefer to stay home and watch Netflix with your doggo friend.
Does any of that sound familiar?
And how did you feel afterward?
Exhausted and behind.
Wishing you would have stuck to your guns.
Next time you find yourself experiencing FOMO, consider a perspective shift.
👍What if you could recognize your FOMO in the moment and then turn it intentionally into JOMO to guide your decision-making instead?
JOMO… the “JOY Of Missing Out.”
It’s pure BLISS once you start doing it.
It feels SOOOO good after the fact.
Because, you honored your commitment to yourself.
JOMO is making intentional decisions about how you spend your time, and only doing things that make you feel good.
It’s saying a simple “no, thank you” to invites that don’t spark joy.
Learn to be OK with JOMO instead of FOMO.
It’s Ok to listen to your “knowing”, and do what you really want.
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