What do I mean when I say, “Do B- work!!?”
B- work means allowing for work that is imperfect, at least on your first try.
Because, when we strive only for perfection, we usually don’t ever get started.
Can you accept that you can start a project and then be OK with it not being perfect?
Can you accept that you can always go back and refine things to how you want?
Can you acknowledge that if you don’t ever get started because you’re afraid of B- work…
you’re simply failing ahead of time??
During the holidays, remember that things do not have to be perfect.
Ask yourself, whose definition of perfect are you trying to meet?
Is it your own?
Your parents’?
(Yikes- we may be back to people-pleasing here!)
When you are only working to meet other people’s expectations, opportunities (and life) pass you by. When you’re so focused on creating the perfect product, you miss enjoying the ride.
During the holidays, this looks like you missing those precious small moments with family and friends, because you’re fixated on making everything be “perfect”.
What’s the point of creating those moments if you can’t really enjoy them?!!
Learn to accept B- work – see how it can benefit your business, your work, and YOUR LIFE!
Take it from me, a recovering perfectionist.
All you have to do is learn where to begin.
Let me show you how.