Be selfish so you can be more selfless.
Huh? 🤔
What do I mean by this?
Why do so many women believe that if they care for themselves or put themselves first, they are being selfish?
This is simply untrue.
Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps taking care of yourself before others actually provides you with more to offer in the long run?
Have you noticed that you are short-tempered or snippy with your kids when you’re running on empty?
Have you noticed that you are more prone to have a tantrum when you’re already exhausted?
Do you regress to bad old habits and behaviors when you haven’t taken a minute to recharge?
When you recharge and refuel yourself, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll have more to give to others. You’re ability to troubleshoot and maximize your productivity increases 100-fold! You become your best self when you show up for yourself first.
Self-care, wellness, and loving yourself before anyone else pours you the foundation for so much more.
I challenge you to apply this to getting to know your own thoughts.
In order to understand why you think a certain way…in order to change your thoughts, you have to be selfish in taking time for yourself to learn.
If you do not put yourself first, especially when you are in a negative mindset, you’re probably going create crappy results rather than a max out your potential outcome.
In order to be fully present when acting for others or caring for others,
you have to act and take care of yourself first.
Is it time for you to be a little bit more selfish in order to change your life?