Home for the Holidays…

So- for you first time parents of college students…How did the first Home for the Holidays go? 🦃 Was the visit sprinkled with tense and awkward moments? Was their time at home as you expected? Or did things not go

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What I Want…

🎂Happy Birthday to my Mom!🥳 This pic was from dinner with all of the family last night 💃🏻💃🏻- everyone together the night after Thanksgiving again, with a sombrero on top. How awesome!💜💙 My mom is one of the rocks in

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Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!🦃 🧡 Every year, we give thanks for what we have been blessed with, be that friends, family, food or fortune. So today, spend a few minutes making a list of 25 things you want. Take a minute for

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The Gift of Giving 💜- to Yourself

Sometimes, it is easy to get confused and think that unconditional love means pleasing others at our expense. IT’S NOT THAT… Consider when you are PISSED OFF at someone. Do you think they feel the discomfort of your anger while

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Being Curious…🧐

OUR thoughts create OUR feelings. Not what other people do or say. Stop blaming the world. Over the holidays, you may find yourself disagreeing with family members. Does it always end up with a tense visit and aggravation toward the

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Feeling all the Feels

Today I was driving the pups to the groomer when little tears started flowing. They were tears of joy. Because my girl comes home in roughly 33 hours. And she asked for the pups to be fluffy and clean so

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Love Yourself First

How do you feel about getting together with your family for the holidays? Do you often find yourself being dishonest about wanting to spend time with them, or trying to meet their expectations of you? You can be in control

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We are All Coaches, Doctors, & Women- OH MY!

The Physician Coach Summit experience was one that was truly unforgettable!! In addition to the amazing speakers and content, I had the privilege of meeting up in REAL LIFE with my own mentors, colleagues, and peers. There were pain triggers,

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Physician Coaching Summit 2021

WE ARE BACK!! The Double Trouble team is back in action, together again! Join Melissa and I as we talk about our experiences over the years as we each transitioned in how we heal others from practicing Pediatrics to offering

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