Women Physician’s Supporting Women Physicians

Every woman physician needs to know that there is a community and conference designed to help renew her life & career.The Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment Conference for Women Physicians is the place where you can heal, rest, and recharge in

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Who’s guilty of it? 🙋‍♀️In reality, there’s probably not a soul on this planet who isn’t! One common way that self-sabotage sneaks into our lives is through overthinking our to-do lists and becoming frozen by analysis paralysis into inaction.We hesitate

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#LFG- This is How We Do It!

This is one of my favorite exercises for setting and accomplishing goals. All you need to get started is a piece of paper, a pen, and a calendar (digital or print, doesn’t matter, although digital tends to be more accessible).

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Creating More Time with Calendaring

Time is what we make it to be. 🤯So why do we let our perceived lack of time keep us from accomplishing our dreams?My Thursday Time Out time management technique keeps the concept of time from controlling my life, and

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“Stop shoulding all over yourself.”This is some of the best advice I have ever received.It’s easy to talk about what you should have said, easy to describe everything you should have done differently, or constantly ruminate over what you should

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What are Arrival Fallacies?

Destination addiction: your preoccupation that happiness lies in the next place, the next job, the next partner, the next season… 🗺️I’ll be happy when my To DO list is done.I’ll be happy when they hire some better employees for this

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Authenticity. Courage. Empowerment.

Too many women physicians are frustrated, isolated and depleted. The demands on our time and energy increase daily leading to burnout, strained relationships, and lack of fulfillment despite working hard.The Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment (ACE) Conference for Women Physicians is

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Tired of Succeeding?

We often equate happiness with achieving goals. 💜While yes, having goals and working towards them is how we move forward in life, tying your happiness to accomplishing your goals can become a source of dread.Happiness is an inside job, and

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What is Your Gift?

This boy. 💙 🎣 Caught this 30lb kingfish and then cooked it, pretty much himself (the cooking part for sure!) Since he was 5 years old he’s had this crazy fascination and interest in fishing. And we have no idea

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