Take a Moment and Think

Is your to-do list putting pressure on your children? Do you find yourself being overly strict when it comes to parenting as a way to maintain control somewhere in your life? Oftentimes, when parents are stressed or have a lot

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Take a Mindful Moment

Always feeling rushed? Always have a plan for the entire day and still can’t get things done? How do you think your children are feeling? Putting pressure of schedules and to-do lists on children can take a social and psychological

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We are LIVE!

Our Website is LIVE!!✨ Come see what we have been working on behind the scenes!  We’ve been touching on some topics this past month that may have struck a nerve or sounded familiar to you. But, could you envision yourself… ▫️ Getting

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Moving Robotically Through Life?

Many of us are just robotically moving through life; jumping from one obligation to the next without fully being present in the moment. Why do we do this? Will getting it all done make us feel more accomplished? Or has

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Can You Please Hurry Up?!

“Can you please hurry up so we can get to the next thing?!” How often do you find yourself spitting out this request to your family, friends, employees, and basically anyone in your life? There always seems to be an

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The TO DO List

Do you strive to be exceptional but find that you have gotten only so far in your journey? A key point to recognize is that therapy and coaching are meant to achieve different things. Therapy is a useful tool that

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Have You EVER Finished Your TO DO List?

When was the last time you finished everything on your to-do list… on time? Procrastination can be a crux. Prevent falling into this unproductive cycle by moving up big deadlines and committing yourself to completing them.  Allowing un-pressured time to

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Life Can Get Chaotic

Life can get chaotic. Most of us want to avoid this by planning ahead and getting organized. It’s an inspiring thought to have. So…  why don’t we just do it then? Is it because just the thought of having to

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Take a Minute

Stop scrolling for one second.  Take a minute to feel the warmth of all your progress to date. Embrace it. Relish in it. As humans, our brains’ default is to diminish all of the accomplishments we have made in life.

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