In the Event of an Emergency…

In today’s busy world it can be challenging to get everything that needs doing done, while still making time for yourself. 💜Finding a middle ground between selfishness and self-sacrifice can seem impossible at times, and we often err on the

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Punched in the Face?

Do you ever feel like you have no time for anything?Does your to-do list leave you feeling angry from rushing to finish it all instead of feeling accomplished? 😡Look at your life as a whole: what are the most important

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Thursday Time OUT

Does it ever feel like your to-do list gets longer by the day, or that nothing ever seems to get done? Or, by the time you finish it the next day’s list is starting? 😕Most of us want to get

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Healing the Healers…

Every woman physician needs to know that there is a community and conference designed to help renew her life & career.Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment Conference for Women Physicians It’s happening IN-PERSON. . . and I’ll be there.Join me & the

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Is it really that Important?

Have you found yourself complaining about being too busy, or not having enough time to do the things you enjoy? 🙇‍♀️If so, it might be time to prioritize what is IMPORTANT over what is URGENT.In today’s age of constant notifications,

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The Race Against Procrastination

We’re often so focused on earning that we forget that time is the most important resource we have. ⏱️That’s why time management is so essential to living a productive and happy life. 💜Procrastination is the enemy of time management, it

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When Working Harder Isn’t Working…

Here’s a little-known secret: productivity is NOT defined by how hard or how many hours you work. 🤭I have found that things will take however long I give myself to do them. If I give myself three hours to get

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Pleasing Your Parents vs Being Yourself

When People Pleasing is PARENT PLEASING your Asian Tiger Parents:I was recently invited to be on Rae Tsai’s podcast on the Asian Life Coach Collective and am excited to share it with you!! I know many of you may be

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The Minimum Baseline

One of the coolest things about the human brain 🧠 is its ability to change. Your brain is like Play-Doh- it has neuroplasticity- the ability to be molded and create new things (new neural pathways for new habits). So you

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