Love is an emotion that causes an action, which most of the time results in good.But be aware that our actions that are generated from the feelings of love we have may not be received by others in a way

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Generate Love

When we feel love, we act out of love. Our thoughts create our feelings, which unfold and develop into our actions. If you are, or are not, feeling love, it is because of what you are thinking.Meeting expectations you have

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Make a Shift

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be an amazing shift toward bettering your relationships. Being able to recognize why you feel the way you do, rather than blaming others for the way you feel, will change the way you

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Gove Up the Need to be Right

Being a couple can be a wonderful life experience, but it does not come without its challenges. When conflict arises, it is important to recognize your own thoughts around the relationship. Why do you feel the way you do?Are you

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What is a Couple?

As a couple, you may consider yourself a unit. But, a couple is composed of two different people with their own thoughts and feelings. When a couple has opposing thoughts toward a situation, the feelings that are generated may lead

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How About the Caterpillars?

You’ve probably heard about how caterpillars form a chrysalis or cocoon — eventually emerging as a beautiful butterfly. But what does this process of transformation entail? The caterpillar first digests itself and releases enzymes to dissolve its tissues.A small group

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We Deserve to Feel Love

That does not mean everyone has to show you that they love you, only YOU have to create the feelings you want of love. And honestly, loving people that you think dislike you the most is really ultimately benefitting you

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Unconditional Love

Feeling 💜LOVE💙 is a gift we give to ourselves. 🥰It feels AMAZING!🥰 And on the contrary, not feeling love towards others really only makes us not feel so good. Only you suffer the emotional drain of not loving (or hating)

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